Thursday, July 10, 2008

The VOTES Are In!

yeah, all 2 of them...thanks bunches.

It's a toss up between oils and watercolors. Both are good mediums, good choices. I'm a bit disappointed there wasn't more votes or responses, but hey, I am sure I do not have an extensive reading or viewing audience. LOL

I think one thing that I am very good at is making parodies of everything, and I mean everything. I can take a commercial, movie, story, music, you name it and make a parody of it. It's a gift. I know...

Like the time my son's troop got their new bus after having to retire the old "Swamp Fox". The Scout Master was and is very proud of the new bus, and they keep it in pristine condition. Well... my mind was up to no good and I thought it would be funny if somehow that show "Pimp My Ride" came out and did the whole bus. (not that I would really do that) It was funny to visualize the bus all shagged out, paint job, the stereo thumpin', all the while, the bus is doing that "low rider" thing bouncing up and down. ok, so you get it. THAT is how my brain works.
Pretty scary, I know. So, that story leads me to this lovely little sketch page. I am sorry you can't see it better than this, but my kids and I were on my bed discussing Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and yes, my mind was on a "parody" tangent and we came up with crowns for the ever crown obsessed, King Friday. We figured his present crown wasn't very fitting and he needed a crown for everyday of the week. But why stop there? Why not make them obscure, a play on words? So that is how we came up with these. Look closely...
Assembled and adoring neighbors, I presume?
1. Sunday...yes, that is an ice cream sundae
2. Monday...that was a hard one, but it is a moon crown with a little bitty astronaut, space shuttle and flag!
3. Tuesday...a crown with 2's all over it. Ok, so that wasn't pure genius, but it was good.
4. has question marks all over it because it is a "when?"s day, with me here people.
5. Thursday... "thirst" day...a big drink with a straw...and I think it would eb great if it said "Super Size" one it too.
6. Friday...fries...of course..."Super Size" those bad boys too...
7. Saturday... one of my personal favorites... a nice, royal, velvet, wing back chair...
Anyway, the kids and I had fun with it. Oh, come on, loosen up! Sure it's goofy, but it was still fun.
Time for dinner again...
thought for the day?...the mind is a scary place to be sometimes...especially if you are me.

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