Friday, July 11, 2008

Bella Bunny

Bella Bunny was one of those characters that was born from one of my stories I made up for the children when they were little. She was actually a sequel to my first story about Benjamin Bunny (NOT to be confused with Beatrix Potter) in which she becomes the wife of Mr. Bunny.

The first story was born, when my youngest daughter would not eat the vegetable soup I had made. My family makes a borscht of sorts and I had used purple cabbage to make mine. Well, the youngest would not eat it until I had told this elaborate story about a cabbage patch, a bunny and a purple caterpillar.

The story is written out in my sketch book and my husband has asked me several times to try and get it published. I guess I have not done it because of possible copyright issues with the name of Benjamin Bunny. I guess I could change his name, but it fits so well. Then, I would have no clue as to how to get it published. I have researched before, but it seemed like it was always going to cost me money. I don't have money. LOL!
At any rate, here she is...just the drawing, but I would love to have her in watercolors. She would be so pretty.
my thought for the day? Necessity is the mother of invention...or in my case, getting the kiddos to eat borscht was the mother's inspiration for a story.

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