Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Typical Artist

I have been severely delinquent in keeping up with my blog since I started teaching.
School has really kept me busy, I mean 875 children will keep anyone busy. I teach art to all the grades, k-6th, and that is everyday 5 days a week. OY!
I have been working on a BIG art project for my school and it has been quite an experience. I think I have used every medium that I hate in this piece. It is a mixed medium work using collage, watercolors, chalk pastels, colored pencils, markers, polyurethane, oil pastels and found objects.

At the beginning of the school year I was asked to collect some of the children's art work to be framed and hung around the school. Well, I said I would "work on that" and tried to go about that task. It suddenly occurred to me, how was I going to be able to choose art work from my 875 children that I teach weekly? How can I choose just one or two, or a few? I wanted to be able to include all of them. Also, I wanted the children who were easily discouraged and would throw their art away to see that art wasn't about being perfect. Art was about emotion, seeing the world around them in a different way and being creative. Art is a profoundly personal thing. I decided to put it on hold and get back to it.

One day, it finally came to me as I was putting artwork away in the cabinet. There were several paintings that had been crumpled up and tossed in the garbage (I thought they were good) and several "no name" pieces. As I began to close the cabinet doors my artistic genius (that's sarcasm y'all) kicked in. Instead of just one or two children being picked out from the school, why not a little bit of everyone? What if I began collecting work from here and there as it comes thru, and make a huge collage for the school. I could make it about 4' x 5' and really showcase their art. I was pleased with myself and quickly made notes in my sketchbook. Aha! It was brilliant and I couldn't wait.

As I started sketching out my plans it seemed something was missing, it needed something to give it focus, anchor the piece and make it really unique. The school's mascot is an alligator and I really liked the idea of using a gator in the piece. I decided, "You know what? Why play it safe, let's go all out on this!" and began playing with the idea of making it 3 dimensional. Before I went too far ahead, I asked my husband if it would be possible and he gave me great advice on how to accomplish it. Here is a peek from my sketchbook.

I wanted to present the idea to my school and maybe even ask for a bit of finacial help. It was then that I remembered something my husband said once when he was about to give a presentation, "Not everyone will catch your vision. Sometimes, you have to help them see it." I knew that if I was going to get approval for this project, I would have to make a small scale model. I also knew that I had to use all the elements for the model that I would be using for the large piece. I needed the school to see the vision. Now granted, the real work would be on masonite and not cut paper and foam core, but the scale model was a thing of beauty. I had it almost ready to present and I couldn't wait, yet I was terribly nervous about how it would be recieved.
Inspiration hit me at 2:30 a.m., I KNEW what would seal the deal... (this really was genius!) Our school has character traits that we share with the students every week and month. Traits like, trustworthiness, respect, citizenship, tolerance, courage, etc. So, at 2:30 a.m. I am sitting in our bathroom on the edge of the tub, sketchbook in hand and writing the character traits in the background. The next morning, using a silver colored pencil, I wrote them down on the "prototype" and mounted everything for final presentation.

I presented it to my principal and he approved it immediately. That got the ball rolling for me and I got some help with funding too! It has been a labor of love but after tomorrow, I will have seen this thing thru to completion. We are going to put it all together and have it ready tomorrow. When I get back to school, I have to get some things in order, but I would like to be able to invite the School Superintendant and our PTO to an "unveiling" of sorts. I am hoping we can have a small reception, with the newspaper and everything. My ultimate goal is to draw attention to how art in the county schools are a positive thing for the children. If I can get some attention for our school, that would be awesome. So, yes, there is a bit of something in it for me too. Anytime an artist get a little attention, it's a good thing.

After I get everything put together tomorrow, I will get a pic up. I can't wait to see it in the school, where it will be hung has lots of light and I think it will really POP!

It's getting late...see ya tomorrow!


Monday, July 21, 2008

The Simple Things

The best way to train your eyes for drawing, is drawing what is around you. I remember an assignment in my early years of college in basic drawing classes. The professor gave us a printout of things we had to draw by first term.

The list was as follows: (what I can remember anyway)

a branch


something "hard" & something "soft"



a rock

I remeber a lot of grumbling...but I learned so much from just drawing mundane everyday objects. Light, shadow, attention to details, etc.
We also learned to draw everyday things in different styles too. Stippling, blak, white and grey colored paper, different ways of looking at the everyday and making the ordinary, extraordinary. I find I like to draw things around me, that most people don't pay much attention too. A coffee cup, the mantle over the fireplace, a spoon laying on the table.
This particular drawing is of our mantle, but not as it really looks. It is drawn the way I want it to look. With the ornate finial scrolls to really dress it up. I enjoyed drawing this, it was simple, uncomplicated and soothing to me.
I think I am going to go back and redo some of my old college assignments and really have fun with them. As I go back to find some of the assignments, I will write them out here and maybe you can try your hand at them as well.
Gotta go...my dental work has been really hurting me (unusual for me because I ususally bounce right back after having work done) and the pain meds I am on, make me..."zoney" for lack of a better vocabulary.
my thought for the day is, there is beauty in the most mundane, or maybe, beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
Have a great evening.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

As Promised...

Here is the first sock in the "Starry Starry Night" colorway...a picture just does not do it justice.

have a nice weekend...


Friday, July 18, 2008

Starry Starry Night

While I was in the dentist office the other day, (in the chair, actually). I was asked who my favorite artist was. I actually couldn't answer the question. Had I been asked who my favorite impressionist was, my favorite sculptor, my favorite photographer, I may have been able to answer. I can't limit myself to just one artist. Every century, every medium, every genre' has a uniqueness to it and so I have favorite artists and mediums in almost every time period.
My favorite impressionist has to be van Gogh. I love his use of colors and paints. Yes, I know his style of painting came from the fact that he suffered from a terrible disease, but I love his work. The Starry Night, is one of my all time favorites. Back in March I bought some sock yarn from LaLa's Knits and it iss called "Starry, Starry Nights." I began knitting the yarn into socks the other day and I have to say, they haven't disappointed me. The yarn is striping up beautifully and have not pooled on me the first time. I think they pay homage to Vincent van Gogh perfectly. I will get Tori to take some pics and post them later.
Most people are familiar with his beautiful paintings, but have you ever seen his drawings? They are an incredible diplay of different markings to give the illusion of texture and depth. I think his drawings demand as much repect and study as his paintings. I love what he wrote to his brother...I feel like I can relate to this, especially now.
“Well, and yet it was in these depths of misery that I felt my energy revive and I said to myself, I shall get over it somehow, I shall set to work again with my pencil, which I had cast aside in my deep dejection, and I shall draw again, and from that moment I have had the feeling that everything has changed for me, and now I am in my stride and my pencil has become slightly more willing and seems to be getting more so by the day. My over-long and over-intense misery had discouraged me so much that I was unable to do anything.”
Wow, I have been feeling like this too, he used his pencil as an outlet for his depression... well, my medicine is kicking in and I really need to go lie down. It makes me a bit nauseated too.
I have no thought for the day... my brain is clouded by the medications.
good night...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bella Bunny

Bella Bunny was one of those characters that was born from one of my stories I made up for the children when they were little. She was actually a sequel to my first story about Benjamin Bunny (NOT to be confused with Beatrix Potter) in which she becomes the wife of Mr. Bunny.

The first story was born, when my youngest daughter would not eat the vegetable soup I had made. My family makes a borscht of sorts and I had used purple cabbage to make mine. Well, the youngest would not eat it until I had told this elaborate story about a cabbage patch, a bunny and a purple caterpillar.

The story is written out in my sketch book and my husband has asked me several times to try and get it published. I guess I have not done it because of possible copyright issues with the name of Benjamin Bunny. I guess I could change his name, but it fits so well. Then, I would have no clue as to how to get it published. I have researched before, but it seemed like it was always going to cost me money. I don't have money. LOL!
At any rate, here she is...just the drawing, but I would love to have her in watercolors. She would be so pretty.
my thought for the day? Necessity is the mother of invention...or in my case, getting the kiddos to eat borscht was the mother's inspiration for a story.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The VOTES Are In!

yeah, all 2 of them...thanks bunches.

It's a toss up between oils and watercolors. Both are good mediums, good choices. I'm a bit disappointed there wasn't more votes or responses, but hey, I am sure I do not have an extensive reading or viewing audience. LOL

I think one thing that I am very good at is making parodies of everything, and I mean everything. I can take a commercial, movie, story, music, you name it and make a parody of it. It's a gift. I know...

Like the time my son's troop got their new bus after having to retire the old "Swamp Fox". The Scout Master was and is very proud of the new bus, and they keep it in pristine condition. Well... my mind was up to no good and I thought it would be funny if somehow that show "Pimp My Ride" came out and did the whole bus. (not that I would really do that) It was funny to visualize the bus all shagged out, paint job, the stereo thumpin', all the while, the bus is doing that "low rider" thing bouncing up and down. ok, so you get it. THAT is how my brain works.
Pretty scary, I know. So, that story leads me to this lovely little sketch page. I am sorry you can't see it better than this, but my kids and I were on my bed discussing Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and yes, my mind was on a "parody" tangent and we came up with crowns for the ever crown obsessed, King Friday. We figured his present crown wasn't very fitting and he needed a crown for everyday of the week. But why stop there? Why not make them obscure, a play on words? So that is how we came up with these. Look closely...
Assembled and adoring neighbors, I presume?
1. Sunday...yes, that is an ice cream sundae
2. Monday...that was a hard one, but it is a moon crown with a little bitty astronaut, space shuttle and flag!
3. Tuesday...a crown with 2's all over it. Ok, so that wasn't pure genius, but it was good.
4. Wednesday...it has question marks all over it because it is a "when?"s day, crown...work with me here people.
5. Thursday... "thirst" day...a big drink with a straw...and I think it would eb great if it said "Super Size" one it too.
6. Friday...fries...of course..."Super Size" those bad boys too...
7. Saturday... one of my personal favorites... a nice, royal, velvet, wing back chair...
Anyway, the kids and I had fun with it. Oh, come on, loosen up! Sure it's goofy, but it was still fun.
Time for dinner again...
thought for the day?...the mind is a scary place to be sometimes...especially if you are me.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tori's Favorite

A few years ago, I drew this while waiting for my kids to finish taking some tests. I was bored and have this curious fascination with columns and masonry. Totally weird, I know.

Fantasy. I love reading fantasy, watching fantasy movies and some art work. I also love medeival times, Lord of The Rings and stuff like that. There is a popular book series by author Brian Jaques called REDWALL that I read and collect too. So, I guess this is my little contribution. This is also my daughter's favorite, all time drawing.

It wasn't/isn't meant to be a serious piece of work, like all the stuff I draw in my sketch book, it started as a doodle. It could be used as a book illustration, maybe a stage set. Mostly, it's just something I did while bored in a crowded room.

I have thought about doing book illustrations for children's books, but I dunno, when you end up having to create something because you are being paid...I kind of get artist's block. Maybe that is why I couldn't cut it as a graphic artist. Too much pressure. On the other hand, when I get to just do my own thing and create, I can think of the best stuff, so if I wrote & illustrated my own childrens book, perhaps I would do ok.

I'll cross that bridge when/if I ever get there. Time to close this out and get on with my evening.
My thought for the day? When you get to create instead of have to create, it goes from being fun to being work. I need to get over that.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another Chapter

These were my first attempts for a good soap label...I eventually morphed into something totally different, but looking at them now, they were "me". I now find them more whimsical and somehow, a little more magical. *notice the coffee stain?

A few years ago, I made and sold natural goats milk and oatmeal soap, as well as other bath and body products. It was out of necessity that I embarked on that adventure. Tori (my oldest daughter) had eczema pretty badly and everything over the counter made it worse. We were raising dairy goats at the time and I had just read an article by a woman who had 2 small girls with the same skin problems and allergies as Tori. There was a recipe (which I tweaked) and I thought, I can do this. After the first week with the new soap I had made, Tori's eczema healed and vanished and we never looked back. Turned out, A LOT of people suffered with skin problems and my ugly bars of soap were helping them get better!

I started selling the bars of soap and adding essential oils to them. I had a wide variety of soaps and fragrances that I probably could have kept going with, but my husband was growing weary of my being gone every weekend at Farmer's Market or craft fairs and I was getting tired of showing up and finding a dozen other soap makers there as well. (I was a bit of a purest and it bothered me that some of the vendors were selling melt and pour soaps) That is another discussion that I won't venture into.

Anyway, we were slated for a trip to New Mexico one summer, so I sold all of my soaps and lotions at buy 1, get 1 free, prices and walked out of the soap business. I still make soap for the family and have tons of essential oils and supplies, but I don't/won't sell it anymore. If I did, I would totally go back to these "grassroot" labels.
Time to get dinner going.
My thought for the day? Soap does get in your eyes.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Drawing from Memory

I actually started with a doodle, just some lines while talking on the phone. Then my mind went back to the summer I went to Destin, Florida with a friend of mine. It rained almost the whole time we were there and to make matters worse, there was no swimming because of all the jellyfish being swept in from the ocean. Even with all of that it was one of the best vacations I have ever had.

No family to have to feel obligated to go and visit. No iternary to have to follow. We shopped, slept and relaxed whenever we wanted. At night we would take a bottle of wine, some glasses and light blanket (it was actually cool after the storms rolled through). We would sit there for hours, watching the night sky and talk about anything and everything. I needed that more than anything else right then. It was the summer before I started my first year of college. Good times.

I told the kids not long ago, that I would love to go to the beach again someday. Just to chill. Not having to be anywhere or do anything but play in the sand and waves, look for seashells and relax. I think they would like that a lot. *sigh* someday...

My thought for today? As much as I would like to go, the sudden realization that I would have to wear a swimsuit in public just made me cringe in horror. Maybe we'll go north to Montanna instead?


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Old Is New Again

Yup! More "Brown Bag Specials" designs. I had a whole mess of designs created for this line, and truth be known, I could completely go back to this and run like crazy with it.

When I started Art College, my original intent was to go into Graphic Design. I quickly discovered that I was just not very "quick" at coming up with really snappy concepts. My first love had always been fibers. After a year and a half I changed majors and played "catch up" for my Fibers degree.

I love color (I aced color theory) and patterns. So, I am drawn to fabrics, and dyed yarns and design plates. A lot of the early sketches and designs were primarily for fabrics, then something happened. I found out that Hallmark Greetings were hiring surface designers to create gift wrap and bags for the company. That changed how I looked at my designs. I love all the little accessories that go along, bows, tags, the extras. I had ideas for those too.

I got away from working on that, when I found out I was pregnant with my first son. My priorities completely became focused on the new life within and I obsessed over him and he became my world.

As I look back on these designs now, I am amazed at how ahead of my time I was. Realistically, people were talking recycling and reusing, but this next generation are really more conscious of it. You go in the stores and can by organic and recycled anything, just about. So, my Brown Bag Specials would fit right in. I may have to give my concepts another try and actually market them.
Maybe, I will research some firms that might take a look at them and give me feedback. I am working on copyrights now.

I still haven't given up on my beautiful seashell. I just don't have the resources to implement it right now. I have my colored pencils and some design markers and that is about it. Hopefully, I should be slowly getting more of my supplies together as I begin my teaching job.

Well, it's Saturday and I need to get something done around here.

My thought for today? Old is new again.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Stars & Stripes Forever

I guess you can tell when this design was born by the date here. This was a concept I had come up with for a line of wrapping papers and gift bags, using recycled, brown, craft paper. I called them, "The Brown Bag Special" (Katherine C. Wright Designs - copyright 2008).

I thought you would enjoy seeing it and it was appropriate for today.
happy 4th!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Looking Back So I Can Move Ahead

( a page from my personal sketch book circa.1990)

I was reflecting on my art work, or lack of it, over the past.. *cough*... 20 years. My portfolio is, well, non existent and I have nothing to show in the way of weavings, oil paintings or even photography. All I have is my sketch books, which are, well, just that, sketches, ideas, doodles, and misc. projects from over the last 20 years. So, I decided to go back in time and rethink these designs and see what I could do with them in the here and now.

Behold, the seashell you see above. This was originally going to be used for a wrapping paper design (when I was trying to put together a portfolio of design plates for Hallmark, yes, Hallmark Greetings.)

If I can decipher my own notes, I think it was supposed to be for a bag design. I was looking at it this morning over a cup of coffee and thought, this would be incredible as an oil painting. Then I sighed, remembering that I no longer have any of my oil paints, brushes or even canvases to work with. It made me feel melancholy, "Rats." I said and shoved the book away from me.

Somehow though, that seashell keeps beckoning to me. I keep looking at it and thinking about how beautiful it would look against a washed cream background in oil paints. It wants me to paint it. I need to paint it. I feel like if I don't, I will be haunted by it. Like it will mock me like the Tell Tale Heart, "See? I am another beautifully inspired idea, never fullfilled, never to see completion, kat. Paint me."

I want to, but no paints, no canvas. So, it must wait until ... until I can. Money is tight right now, and anything extra, is having to go towards braces and all of the other everyday things a parent's money goes to. Not complaining about taking care of my family, just, "le sigh", it would be lovely to be able to whip out my paints and create.

The brighter part of creating a new portfolio for myself, is the little issue of photographs. I use to have to take the old PENTAX, several rolls of color film, photograph everything and take it to a photo lab and have the pics made into slides. AH, but NOW, with the age of digital cameras, desk top processing and POWER POINT, you can totally have everything done, right in your own home, for just your time. You can email galleries your art work, send cd's or dvd's of your work, or do a power point presentation. It is absolutely heaven! My digital cam finally gave up, but my daughter got one for her birthday and you can actually change the pixels, so you can have the highest quality pictures available. This will keep documenting my paintings so very easy for me.

For now, housework is calling to me and I have things to do. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks into my personal sketch book. It is a very intimate thing to me and to actually show it publically is huge. You won't see everything but you will get to glimpse into my inner thinkings and inspirations.

my thought for today is, you can't redo the past, but you can learn from it.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Making The Most of My Time?

I am at the local library and I have to say, I am wasting time. Time I could be at home cleaning house, knitting, reading, something!

But what am I doing? Yup, I am sitting here on the computer, looking at Youtube and blogging. What a goober!

I did find some books to take home, none of which have anything to do with knitting. Write that down. I usually go home with one or two, but our library has the same ones and I am bored with them. This time, I am checking out some books about grant writing, I recently met someone who does that and was intrigued. I thought I would see what that was all about, at least I can hold a conversation with the person next time they start talking about it.

Then I checked out a book about Blogging. I figured if I am going to spend time doing a blog journal, I might as well try and do a good job of it.

Let's see, then I checked out a book about writing and illustrating children's books. I have several sketch books from over the years of short stories that I have totally made up from the hip to entertain my children then wrote down. My husband & kids keep telling me I need to try and publish them. I thought I would at least research it.

It's kind of irritating being here actually. There are a lot of kids here, and on the computers. They are so LOUD and disruptive. I can hardly hear myself think. The women sitting next to me just got mad and left. I'm about to complain too.

I remember when I was a kid, you got that LOOK from the librarian if you even appeared to look loud. The worst (for me anyway, because I loved books and reading) was to be kicked out of the library, for the rest of the day or even a week. I never was thank goodness but I knew of a few kids that got banned from the library for the whole summer! Wow, they were truly miscreants of society, back in my hometown anyway. LOL!

Now, I can't tell if the librarians just are softies, afraid to confront them or don't care. They do have a security guard, he is really good actually. I've seen him keep order on several occasions without having to be ugly and yelling. He just firmly tells them what he expects and he seems to be just great.

The biggest reason I am even here is for the kids. They can't do anything on the antiquated dial up we have out where we live and if they want to update anything, watch youtube or catch up with long distant friends, they need something better. My son has friends in Germany and Ireland that he likes to chat with.

Well, I have a pinch in my shoulder and I don't think I can take much more typing time. So I am going to call it a day. Hopefully something more interesting will be taking place here.

my thought for today is... where is the shhhhhhhhhhhh! in the library?


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

With Feet Firmly On The Ground

As of last week, I no longer work for the airline industry. It was beginning to wear me down and out. 4 days out and only getting 24 hours of pay to show for it, hardly justified the time away from home. I felt fickle for having done it, but I resigned none the less, and aggressively pursued other jobs.
For now, I am once again a stay at home mom and I don't mean that in a derogatory manner either. Sometimes in life, things will happen so that you look back and say, "You know what? I had it good, what was I thinking?" Never again, will I refer to myself as a "house mouse" like it is some sort of affliction.
YET, I still had to pursue a job, there are still debts to be paid. So, what to do? My first love will always be to Art and I was desperate to find something that I could do with my degree. NOT AN EASY THING TO DO! I used every search engine, job service, website, etc probably known to man and could not come up with anything, especially in the textile field. I have a bit of web designing under my belt, but even that is rusty and my portfolio is...old. I haven't really kept up a portfolio in 10 years or more because I have not had time to really devote to my art. I was/am raising 4 children and they were/are the priority.
I scoured the papers and library computer constantly. I had some interviews, pretty much have the job and they would call and tell me, "We were really wanting to hire you, your interview was fabulous, but we just got word from another dept. we have someone transferring in to fill that position." Happened to me TWICE! Every time, I would be absolutely devastated.
Then it happened, I picked up a local paper and found an obscure little ad, looking for art teachers. I use to teach years ago for a nearby local city school district and I had my degree in art. Maybe, just maybe, it will be what I am looking for. Long story short, I did get the job, then didn't have the job because the positions were all filled (remember earlier? same thing happened again), then when I was beginning to give up hope, I got the job again and it was an even closer location! So, starting July 28, I will be an Art Instructor. It will be wonderful to work Mon-Fri, be home around 4:30, have my weekends free, and all government holidays.
In the meantime, I am trying to get my house in order, enjoy my time home with the kids and embrace what I have learned from being a Flight Attendant. My only regret about my FA job, was that I had put so much into it to get so little back out of it. Just another one of those life lessons.
Thought for today? Behind every cloud...there is probably a flight attendant working their tails off for little to nothing, so treat them nice.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Aimer dans les nuages

Love in the skies.....ahhhhhhh

Who says you have to go to gay Paris' to find love & romance? (say that in your best Maurice Chevalier accent- think "Gigi" here)

Love happens in the air everyday on aircrafts. I am not talking the mile high club either. (given the fact, that the lavatories on the planes I fly are smaller than most broom closets, it would be nothing short of a miracle)

No, I am talking about holding hands when the couple has been seperated to having the aisle seats and we just are not able to move them or they are on their way home from a vacation in Brazil and she is nestled in his shoulder, stealing kisses in between snoozing. Funny thing is, nine times out of ten, it is older couples, mostly in their 50's that are the romantic ones.

Oh sure, we get some young couples that are really touchy, feely, kissing up a storm...but that is more of a passionate nature. I am talking about a love or romance that has stood the test of time.

One couple on one of my flights had their grandchildren seated with them. So they were seated 2 x 2, grandpa with one child and directly in the row behind them grandma and the other child. Both grandparents were in the aisle seats so their grandchildren could be by the window. Upon taking off, the husband reached his hand behind the seat and the wife took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. He let go and looked back at her with a tender smile. It was a small thing, but touching none the less.

One of the cutest couples I had, was a couple of weeks ago. It was obvious that the wife was sitting next to her elderly father and her husband was directly across in an aisle seat. I was doing my beverage service and asked what he would like to drink. He said he would like a "Pepsi please" and she clarified by saying "A diet Pepsi", well, I thought she was telling me she wanted a diet pepsi, but she shook her head no, pointed at the man across the aisle and said, "HE wants a diet Pepsi."I got it and apologized as I poured his drink. He winked at me and said, "I don't know WHO THAT woman is but she has been following me around ALL weekend long, telling me what to eat and what to drink." She quickly peered around me and said, "You better hush mister or I'll complain to this nice woman and have you put off the plane." The whole time they were grinning from ear to ear at each other.

I quickly moved on to finish my service, but on my way back I smiled and asked, "Mam, is this man still pestering you?" She looked at him for a minute and said, "You know, he is pretty adorable now that I have a good look at him. Nah, I think I might take him on home with me." He burst out laughing and said he was "ok with that." It made my whole day and every time I would think about those two, I would smile and get tickled.

These little displays of affection somehow comfort me and make my day brighter. Maybe it's because my husband and I have been married for 20 years now, this year. We often talk about growing old together and not losing our affection for each other. We don't want to be one of those couples that hangs in there long enough for the kids to move out and then decide to divorce. We try and make time for date nights and special times together, although with this job, it is becoming more and more difficult. I think a lot of couples can relate to that. Life gets in the way and we lose touch with each other, so when we are able to see older couples still have tender moments, it gives the rest of us hope.

So, when our hearts begin to wain just a bit, maybe we should book a flight somewhere, anywhere and redécouvrir l'amour quelque part dans les nuages.

au revoir de votre steward amical,


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Behind Closed Doors

One of the "perks" of being an FA, is that when you travel out of town, the company puts you up for the night. Usually, it's pretty reasonable digs, but they aren't always as they seem.

Like in Des Moines, pretty, pretty hotel. Comfortable beds, clean room, nice hot showers and thin walls. I come in so dead, dog tired, when I get into the hotel, all I want to do is pass out and sleep. But darn it! The walls are thin and you can hear everything!

The first time I was there, a "par-tay" was going on next door. Laughing, loud music...until 12:30 @ night (did I mention I had to get up @ 4:30 am?) Finally after a call in to complain, I heard managment pound on their door and all was quiet. That is, until the next morning, bright and early around 4:00 a.m.! Yeah, whoever had tied one on the night before, was now singing praises to the porcelain god! I could hear it as well as if they had been in MY BATHROOM! I am not too sure, but there might have been 2 people tag teaming the comode over there. I started feeling pretty nauseous myself, got up, stumbled to the bathroom, said loudly, "I hope ya'll can hear me! Serves you right for keeping me up 1/2 the night! I hope you puke your guts out!" Turned the shower on and figured I best get ready for the day.

I was dead on my feet the whole next day. When I got home that next night, I threw my luggage and clothes in the corner, collapsed in the bed and slept for hours. My poor family really needed and wanted to spend time with me, but I just couldn't function.

Since then I have been in different rooms, in the same hotel. I figured the first time was a fluke, you know, new enviroment, strange bed, etc. But, alas, you can hear the next room's TV, or person talking on their cell phone. (not the details mind you, but more of a wah, wah, wah, sound like a Charlie Brown cartoon.)

I have conquered this finally, by wearing ear plugs. The soft foamy kind.(although now I wake up every hour to make sure I don't over sleep) I set the alarm in the hotel room, request wake up call AND set my cell phone alarm, but I have this deep seeded fear, that I won't hear them and won't wake up....so far, so good.

Other hotels, are just noisy, because of traffic, trains, that kind of thing. Some are just kind of ... creepy. I dunno, the people in the hotel look kind of, questionable.

Well, I am home now and have been sleeping so hard, I have pillow marks in my face and drool on my pillow... nice visual huh?

There is a lot to be said for a good night's sleep and I won't take that for granted, ever again. It doesn't hurt to pack your ear plugs either.

Rest Well!


Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's 5:00 Somewhere!

I am fascinated by how early in the morning some people will start to drink, ESPECIALLY on a plane. I'm talking alcohol here. Now, I don't really drink anyway, (I did in college in my younger, single, crazier days). I maybe have a glass of wine once a year, if I do at all.

As a flight attendant, I am up early in the morning for the first flight of the day and that usually means for me 3:00 - 4:00 a.m. wake up, head to the airport to report for duty and flying at somewhere around 6:00 a.m.

There was the time on a short flight back from Monroe, 6:30 in the morning and we had just reached flying altitude. I made my "beverage service" announcement and began giving out juice, water, coffee and the occasional ginger ale for queezy tummies. Then I get the request,

dude: "Uh, yeah, so, I would like a Formosa please?" I squint my eyes, look at him and ask slowly, "Is that a champagne & orange juice mix?" He nods, "Yeah, can I get one?"

and yes, I hate to stereotype, but he looked like a California dude.

me: I shake my head and paste a smile on my face (thinking good grief are you serious?! I haven't had my first pot of coffee quota for the day and you want a FORMOSA?!) "Um, no sir, we don't carry champagne, but we do have some orange juice."

dude: "Oh, ok, well, ummmm, ok, like... like can I have a... a whiskey and Sprite then?"

me: Still smiling and thinking, (Ok dude, it's 6:30 in the morning, SUNDAY morning for that matter. Have you ever heard of intervention?) I look at my watch, still smiling and ask, "Really?"

dude: totally oblivious to my shock and awe of this request, "Uh, yeah, that would be cool."

me: "Ok, that will be $5." thinking, seriously, he will not want to pay THAT much for a drink this early in the morning.

dude: "Ok, cool." and hands me a $10 and says "keep the change for a tip."

I return his change and politely tell him I am not allowed to take tips. He says, "that sucks" drinks his whiskey and Sprite and is totally happy for the rest of the flight, which BTW takes about 45 minutes total.

This morning again, on another short flight out of Des Moines, we were sitting on the runway waiting out some bad weather before we could take off and the customer call light comes on. I get out of my seat and make my way quickly to the passenger. (I am thinking, ooops! someone is sick.)

me: "Sir, is there something I can help you with?"

guy: He has cash in his hands and asks, " Uh, yeah. Can I get a gin & tonic please?"

me: Looking at him with my fake, "you have got to be kidding" smile, I politely say, "I am sorry sir, but we could be cleared for take off at any moment. We don't do a beverage service until we are inflight and then it will be water, coffee & juice only. At this point it will be unlikely we do one at all because of the bad weather and turbulence."

guy: Looks confused, disappointed, already intoxicated because I could smell it on him, puts his money back in his pocket and says ok.

We were sitting out there for a long time, and yes, he rang for me again and asked if he could get a drink. I reminded him we were on the runway and, no, I could not get him a drink. He then asked for some pop. (I am southern and we say "coke") I told him I could not get him a soda either but would see about getting him a cup of water.

My thought for the day?

Time flies and knows no boundaries when it comes to alcohol and apparently it is never too early for a drink.

Bye for today, or should I say CHEERS!


Friday, June 6, 2008

Pop Culture Testosterone & Getting Older

I have my computer set up in a corner of my kitchen by a window and I can look out to see the trees blowing in the wind and the clouds roll by. The sounds of Rocky 4 are playing in the background and my boys are experiencing all of the wonders of pugilism and the testosterone is at work.

Seems funny that my boys are getting into these movies that are what? 20 years old at least? The Rocky movies are definitely a blast from the past, but what I find interesting is that what was old is new for the next generation. So many POP Culture references are used in Family Guy, (I personally don't like Family Guy) Youtube, Weird Al, etc. and our kids are experiencing these things from a different perspective and LOVING it! It's wild. I don't know whether to feel old, or strangely refreshed and young again. I do have to say though, it is a chance for them to catch a glimpse of my generation and understand me better.

Getting Older Sucks....
I had to go for my yearly physical yesterday and when the doc asked me how I was doing, I honestly felt old. I told him, "I wake up and I hurt in places that never use to hurt. I play trombone when reading and my arms are beginning to not be long enough. My metabolism has not just slowed down but has come to a screeching halt. Getting older sucks." He laughed and agreed, but that was little consolation to me. He put me on a diet and meds for my weight, ran some bloodwork and sent me on my way with a "oh, and BTW, it is time for you to have a mammogram." He handed me a name & number for the clinic he prefers, "because they don't hurt you like some of the others. " and I was on my way. The thought have having my breasts smashed and poked (wasn't it bad enough to have to lay there and have the doc do it?) isn't my idea of a good time. Getting older really does suck.

Another Day Another Dollar...
I am on reserve today (which means I am on call) so I have my makeup on, bags packed and by the door in case crew scheduling calls me in to work. I had my uniform dry cleaned yesterday. So, if I get called in to fly, all I have to do is get dressed and go. I am not at liberty to tell ya'll who I work for, but I am a Flight Attendant on a small commuter line of air crafts. I went away for 3 1/2 weeks for training, which was gruelling. I don't think I have been pushed that hard or had so much homework and tests to take as I did in that time. I came home, did some training flights and got cleared to start working. Now it is where the rubber meets the road...or maybe I should say, the plane meets the sky. I have been working for a couple of weeks now and can honestly say, I am not sure I altogether like this job. I love meeting the people on the planes, the pilots are really great to work with, the other FA's are very sweet, but it's the staying overnight in strange hotels (have I got some stories about that!) being gone for 2, 3, 4 even 6 days at a time and living out of suit case.

I knew it would not be a glamour job, I had a very clear understanding of that. I am just seeing that my kids are really needing me at home and truthfully? I need my kids, I MISS my kids, I miss being home at night, and sleeping in my own bed. I have invested a lot of time in training and money to get this job and I am going to keep working until something else comes along.

I am discovering that you can't paint yourself into a hole when it comes to jobs. Now, I don't think that people who have a new job everytime they turn around is so good either, or like your crazy, good for nothing, cousin's brother in law that can't hold down a job for more than 6 weeks at a time because he didn't like the boss, work or whatever. I have learned a lot about myself from this experience. Like, I am pretty smart, I can work under pressure, I am great with people, I am more confident in myself and my abilities. I also have learned, I REALLY don't like stress and this job has more than its share. I won't go into everything right now, but I'm sure we can all agree, anytime you work with the public in a high profile travel industry like Air Travel...THERE WILL BE STRESS. (hey, that sounds like a movie title...I should write a script!)

I have put in applications for some other jobs and am waiting to hear back from them. Right now, I get paid only for what I work ( that means from the time we take off, to the time we touch down, + per diem, which is not that much...trust me). You work holidays, weekends, your birthday, your wedding anniversary, your kids birthdays...you also never know when you will get called to go and fly. You can't really plan for anything and can never get too far away from the house. You are constantly checking your phone, your caller ID, your messages. I don't like it and I always thought of myself as a "fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal " but maybe it is because I like having my freedom to do what I want. Maybe I like to be able to plan things better...I don't know, I can't put my finger on it, but I am sure I will figure it out sooner or later.

I did put in an application for a job that would be a "normal" 40 hours a week job, with less pay, BUT I would make more money because I would have more hours. It would be regular 10 - 6 hours (kind of like when I owned the shop), 20 minutes from home, (I can sleep in my own bed every night and come home to my kids), get government holidays off AND be able to take my kids to work with me a couple of days out of the week. That would be a plus considering we home school. I also can see some potential for growth, maybe even make a job or niche for myself. If they call, I will take it. The kids are thrilled, but I just can't see myself being a FA for the next 10 - 20 years. Usually, there is little chance for advancement and even though I am doing great for new hire and am getting good marks, it doesn't increase your paycheck. I feel kind of fickle about it all but can't help but think how this whole FA job has been hard on the kids...they are very supportive and realize that I have no choice but to work right now, but being away from them for as long as I am, is not good. I am just lucky to have a job right now so in the immortal words of Forest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that."

I need to close out today's post and to me that is the hardest thing about blogging (or any writing for that matter), when, where and how to stop writing. But hey, that is the story of my life...it is what it is.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

A New Chapter

Well, the shop is Officially Closed!
It was pretty weird seeing everything slowly dwindling away. It was really disturbing to have all of these other shop owners kind of converge on me, wanting my displays, my yarns, my needles, my patterns...and when the first day of the sale took place I had one person coming in pointing at my swift, ball winders, looms, spinning wheels, asking, "How much for that? You selling this?" THOSE are mine, thank you very much. But I was glad to see everything find a new home and I wish my fellow shop owners many blessings.

It amazes me how I could barely make it thru the week for months on what few sales I could make and when I announced I was going out of business? MAN! I have made record sales just about everyday! LOL that's the way of the world I guess. I can't complain, I got what I wanted first and I have a goodly stash. (Unfortunately, that means anytime I go shopping out of town on my travels my husband will remind me of the stash I already have at home!)

What really amazes me is how I am feeling. It's not anger, it's not melancholy or remorse...it's almost a sense of relief. I have always been that way though. When I decided to go on to something else or close out the last chapter and go to the next...I have this tremendous sense of relief. Yes, releif...that is a good word for it.

So, now, I am here at the library, because my dial up at home is excruciatingly slow and painful and my computer hasn't been hooked up since Monday. LOL I am catching up on my Ravelry and other sites, except banking...LOL I will suffer through that at home in private.

I have enjoyed this year of my life and learned a lot about the business world, life and myself. Who knows? I may yet revisit this chapter in the future but with a more "happily ever after" ending. This somehow, was a tragedy of sorts. No hard feelings though, I have great friends that I have made and will continue to see.

People have been asking, "What will you do now?" Well, truth be known, I am glad I didn't get as much debt as most folks do when they open their own business but I will have to take on a part time job. I have found a great part time job that pays very well and I can still be home with the kids most of the time. I will be a flight attendant for a commuter plane. I know, I know, it's weird...but of all of the applicants that showed up to interview the same day I did only 5 were hired and we were all 40+ women. LOL! I guess there goes the stereotypical idea of flight attendants. I go for training in Minnesota in April. It will be a weird ride but I like to fly, I like people and the money is decent.
Well, I am going to scope out the knitting books and see what is here ( all the good books are in Oxford!) and I did bring my knitting. From now on I will be focusing on my knitting and flying...weird combination but at least I will have something to do on layovers! LOL

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Good Cry Makes Everything Better

I am feeling a ton better now that I have had a good cry (the sobbing, gasping for air kind of cry) and could stand back for a bit and reevaluate the situation.

1. better to know when to stop than to keep going and get in a hole I can't get back out of (financially speaking that is)

2. Better to have tried then not to have tried at all.

3. I did something I always dreamed of doing and may yet try again, only now with eyes wide open.

4. I have the best friends in the whole world who have come out to support and love me, who could ask for better than that?!

5. I am opening up a whole new chapter of life!

6. yeah baby, have I got a yarn stash that rocks!

7. I have made lots of friends!

8. A good cry can be cleansing to the soul!

I just wanted to thank everyone for the great emails and support, I am doing great and looking forward to the next great adventure. I fill you in on that next week.

knit on y'all!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It Was A Great Ride...

while it lasted.

Someone once said, "You can't get to second base with your foot on first." and it's true. Life is made up of trials and errors, risks and success, risks and failures.

Look at Harland Sanders. He was 60 years old, broke, living off of his social security in his car, trying to make a lifelong dream come true. It finally did and now we have the beloved KFC to show for his efforts. But goodness knows, it came after years of failure.
I look back at my 41 years and can't help but be remorseful. If only I had done this, said that, taken that job, made more money, didn't do this....it goes on and on until I can't sleep nights. Does anyone else have this problem? I have brushed over my accomplishments only to dwell on my failures, and boy let me tell ya, I have had more than my share of those.
OK, to the punch line. Where is all of this going? Well, it is with great sadness (and I am sure to a lot of people who said , "I told you so, I knew she wouldn't make it, I knew she couldn't make it." you know who you are, I am sure this will make your whole day worthwhile.)
Sorry, bitter grapes...
I am closing That Yarn Shop down at the end of the month. March 31, to be exact. We will keep the website and turn it into an online store. Here I can narrow down what I truly want to carry and no overhead, since I already have established acct. with certain companies.
If you have any store credit, you need to redeem it before March the 21st, of this month. I have called about orders already placed (aka the Cascade Great American Aran books and yarn) and you can get a refund on your books by next week March 21 (or you can take it in store credit towards the yarn you want, before then.) Cascade said they were waiting on the reprints and they won't be in until after March 24th.
All consignments need to be picked up and I will be making arrangements for those as well.
I am sorry, but I have to do what is best for our family and I have exhausted every resource I possibly could. I am sure Hank of Yarn will be happy to have your business and I know you will be well taken care of by Henrietta. She is a good knitter and has a lovely little shop.
I got to live my dream, although it be brief and I am happy to have had that much. I am sure people will say, that I didn't have enough new yarn, or whatever, but, you can't buy new if the old yarn isn't moving. I made a good go of it and that is what matters.
My only fear is the rumor mongers, the back biting and gossip that will probably ensue because of this. For the record, I loved each and everyone of my customers, y'all were more than a billfold to me. You were friends and family. For the first time in years, I felt like I could relate to people and make friends.
Artists have a tendency to be loners and see and think about the world differently than other people do. "Normal is a setting on your dryer." I was never normal.
Tony told me,"Not to take this personally. It's just the economy and times." and that "He was proud of me." I know it is the times...I have a friend who owns a scrap booking business in another part of the country and she is having to close her shop too. "What we sell is luxury items Kathy, we are not a commodity. People can't afford luxuries right now and I am having to put so much of my own money into the shop, well, it's just an expensive hobby." I agreed with her, but it still hurt.
I am sorry I have let y'all down. I know that it was nice to have a place here and who knows, maybe someone else with more resources and smarts, will open another yarn shop here in Hernando.
well...that's that...I can't think of anything more to say, other than, It was great while it lasted, I love y'all and I will miss you all dearly.
kathy & amanda

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Right down to your TOES!

That's right, tomorrow (if the Fed Ex tracking system is correct) a NEW shipment of South West Trading Company's TOFUTSIES will be in. This will also kick off That Yarn Shop's involvment with the HOT SOX SPOT campaign and the Think Outside of The Sox Contest!!

Please click on the link for more details, this is a sock contest of the like never seen before...not my words, but theirs.

I am so excited to be on the SWTC team and look forward to carrying their enviromentally friendly fibers here at That Yarn Shop!

That coupled with LaLa Knits latest hand dyed sock yarn and ya'll should be in sock heaven!

Tomorrow night's Knit In is still on! If you are not going to be out with your Valentine, well, come and enjoy some time with us! We will be doing something a little bit different and I think you will agree...it's a worthwhile endeavor.


Come join us this Thursday Night from 6:00 - 9:00pm and lets work together for Breast Cancer Awareness.

We will be working on a Pink Project putting together a Scrumble.

The plan is for you to bring pink motifs to the meeting or let us help you make them.(they can be crocheted, knitted or both!)

We will pin them together to form a scrumble and one of us will "sew" them together and send them toPrudence in Australia to become part of the Pink Project.

Prudence and this blanket will be displayed all over the world.
She attends all the major shows including the shows in Europe.
She is usually invited to the shows on both the coasts of the US (Chain Link and TNN).

Lets participate in a global effort to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.

This is copied from the Pink Project groupon ravelry.com

Prudence Mapstone, P O Box 5242, Daisy Hill, Qld.,4127, Australia

Everyone have a wonderful day and stay tuned for more updates!


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Are We Feeling The Love?

I have my radio set to wake me up every morning @ 8:00. I know, I'm a bum to sleep so late, but I don't open shop until 10:00 a.m. Anyway, so I am awakened to the sweet melodious tune of NPR. Most mornings, I hear the weather and traffic right off the bat, but this morning I got to hear the financial news. Wow, that was a bummer. Retail had a "less than desirable numbers for the month of January. Walmart and larger retailers were down from last year considerably, while Cosco wholesales were up." I laid there, staring at the dumb clock thinking..."it wasn't just bad for them either bucko."

Ah well...such is life...I choose to remain optimistic, I see good things happening in our future. For starters, The Gift Shop/Gallery that Tony and I are going to make in the front of the store, should bring in a different market and be a neat way to spotlight our Mississippi Artists.

Then there is the HOT SPOT SOX program I am fixin' to start with South West Trading Company is going to totally ROCK! I will keep you posted, but we should have some Tofutsies in by the next week or 2!

How about a SOCK BOOT CAMP!? You read that right! I'll just wet your whistle that and fill you in with more details later, but it will be AWESOME!

Well, I need to get ready for Knit In here in a few minutes. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and don't forget to support your local Yarn Shop!


Friday, February 1, 2008

Lots of Catching Up

Wow, where to start? It seems like a lot has been happening but at the same time the shop has been excruciatingly slow lately. You would think that with the weather being the way it is that we would be doing a bit better here, but nope...I think the ugly word "recession" is firmly inbedded in the backs of the publics mind and people just are afraid to spend...maybe...that is my theory anyway.

We have had some great classes happening lately. The drop spindle class was an absolutely smashing success! We had 8 people show up for class and I received emails from others who had missed and want in on the next class! I think, if LaLa doesn't mind, we may schedule another class for February 16...that is tentative at this point.

LaLa's sock class was also a huge success! We have more sock addicts on our hands now...I teasingly said that I would have to change the format of my shop to carrying sock yarns only at this rate! She has also made another order and will be hand dyeing some more of that scrumptious sock yarn asap. Stay tuned!

Patty (who teaches the spindling class) has been networking and now we have some beautiful lace weight Llama from Roxywoodfarms, Alpaca from Coldwater Alpaca Ranch, as well as gorgeous rovings from Little Bit Acres Farms! You really need to check these fibers out for yourselves! The whimple I made for myself out of the alpaca is everything I dreamed it would be. I am working with the llama now and it is really deamy soft! Of course, I don't think I could ever say enough about Patty's rovings and hand dyeing, "like butter" to spin with!

This month will be very exciting too! Yes, another Basic Sock Class! This Saturday is a Heart Sachet class, awesome for beginners! Then another spindling class learning to use the drop spindles. Finally, LaLa is going to teach the "Magic Loop" technique! I'll post more info as they come along or go to http://www.thatyarnshop.com/

I am currently making an order for the new Cascade "Great American Afghan" and "Great American Aran Afghan" books. They are $12.95 each + tax extra. Several of us here at That Yarn Shop are going to begin working with this book and the Cascade 220 line to make our own afghans. If you are interested, let me know and I will order either or books for you...I need to have a prepay on the books. If you want to check it out, go to www.cascadeyarns.com and see what you think!

Our knit ins have been going great...we have had some very laid back nights, but last night...it was so much fun! You would not believe it, but we actually had Courtney of Paggios in Memphis, 1684 Poplar Avenue, come and wax our eyebrows! I have never had mine done before but she is most excellant! It did not hurt, she followed the natural line of my brow and it was just perfect! I look fabulous today and can not wait to get my hair done there...I hit tony up with the maybe getting some pamper time for my b-day in March. LOL!

Well, I need to get to work, I hope everyone has a knitty day!


Monday, January 14, 2008

Credit Card Machines

Well, my credit card machine is back up and running...it needed to reboot I guess. The tech told me that happens now and again, "just unplug it for 5 min and then plug it back up....if it doesn't run then there other issues".Anyway, I'm operational and relieved. LOL

I am steadily working on my Clapotis. (you can find the pattern at knitty.com!)It is slow going and I am literally at the 1/2 way point. Unfortunately, I have tons to do today, website update, emails about the drop spindle class this Saturday. So, I am the Queen of Procrastination and am putting it off as best I can. guilt...guilt...guilt...

I need to jazz up on some more coffee and that will get me going!

I have a couple of pics of the sock class from last Tuesday.
Here is LaLa and her class all working on their mini socks.

and here is another shot, you can see my hubby working on his mini sock right there. He kept laughing at himself, working with everything small and having big hands.

Then I have a pic of Amy and a pic of Amanda wearing their tiaras!First Amy! Notice Carol's daughter Courtney in the back there...LOL

and then Amanda!

OK, I have dilly dallied long enough...Time to get to work.

later ya'll!kat & amanda

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Night Knit In!

It's Thursday!
Come and Join Us for our
1st Annual PJ & Tiara Knit In!
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Come wearing your PJ's and your tiara's with your WIP *(work in progress) .

Don't have a tiara? (I have them here at the shop for $1.25 in pink, purple or white!)

Snacks and refreshments will be served. (If you could contribute food or drinks that would be great! I have cups, plates and a fridge!)

If you need more info, give me a call!

See Y'all Tonight!
kathy & amanda

That Yarn Shop LLC
133 West Center Street
Hernando, MS 38632


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Camera Works!

OK, be warned, if you have an electronic device that needs work, KEEP THE THING AWAY FROM ME!!! I asked Tony to look at the camera and guess what? The battteries were in wrong...I had the batteries on the right connectors, just flipped...I dunno...they were in wrong and he fixed them. The happy thing is though, I have pictures!!! I have been downloading, cropping and getting my pics up on flickr...

Ok, so I know I got the Frankensocks and the drop stitch scarf pics posted, now for the Wavy Feathers Wimple!

My lovely model (who thinks she looks hideous) makes it look even more beautimus!
I am so happy to have my camera back!
I somehow managed to let LaLa talk me into making a Clapotis...*sigh* how does she do it?! So, I am making a Clapotis out of the Eden Print Bamboo...it's a good thing though. Now people can see what it looks like made up...people have a hard time visualizing the bamboo, it does kind of have an odd look to it...for lack of a better description.
I have got to finish the January Calendar so I best get at it. Don't forget about the Sock class tonight if you are signed up.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year!

Ok, so I'm a week late. I have been busy, yeah, really buuuuusssssyyyy....

I ended my 2007 with my last project completed at exactly 11:57 p.m. New Year's Eve. Everyone at church shook their heads and said it couldn't be done, but I kitchnered the toe and yelled "CALF ROPE!" Everyone just kind of stared at me like I had lost my mind and my husband gave me a solo standing ovation...so without further ado...here are the infamous FRANKENSOCKS...

Yes, they are the same size, one thing I took notice of is how the colors can play games with your mind, makeing one sock appear to be longer than the other, but when I held them up to each other, lo and behold! they were "even steven".

My first project for 2008 was the drop stitch scarf I found on ravelry. I finished it New Year's Day!

I really wish you could see the details on this thing. It is really wicked cool.

Then, last Wednesday, Cathy Stauffer of the Coldwater Aplaca ranch came by with some of her GLORIOUS alpaca yarns. Natural smoke grey and black colors that are just luciously soft. I had to try it out and work up a model. I decided to do a lace wimple. I went to ravelry (this is my number 1 spot to look first and found a beautiful pattern. I will try and get the links here I am pretty sure I qued them! It only took 1 skein, 220 yds of the smoke grey alpaca. When I originally cast on, I did the larger size and CO 143...then to make matters worse, I twisted the join to work in the round and VOILA! A mobius...grrrrrrrrrr....after much debate, I decided, well, maybe that will work out after all. Nope, nada, nyet...I frogged it all out. I cast on the 99 for the smaller size, worked on shorter circulars (I think is where I blew it the first time.) and got to work. That was Saturday night after dinner around 6:00.I finished my whimple at 5:30 yesterday evening! I worked so fast, I couldn't believe the progress I was making. It is now washed and dryed and on a head model here at the shop. I will ask LaLa or Eloise to take a pic (my camera is FRIED and I am shopping for a new one as we speak) next time they are in. I loved the pattern and loved the yarn.

Tomorrow is the Sock Class...if you have not signed up and are wanting to, you need to do that before 5:00 this afternoon. I think Tony is going to be in attendance, since he missed out the last class and really wants to learn to knit his own socks.

Ok, I have tons to do today so I need to get off of here and get at it. I will try and post some more tomorrow...today has been busy.

later my little taters!